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Lifesize Icon 600


Smart Video Conferencing

The Lifesize Icon 600 is a video system aimed at providing the best multiparty video conferencing by offering the most simple video conferencing user experience available, Smart Video. Designed for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value, the Lifesize Icon 600’s Smart Video experience rivals any other video conferencing in the market. The simple design allows users to be logically guided through the options without any training needed. Individual and multiparty calls easily initiated with one click of a button making the Lifesize Icon 600 the most easy-to-use video conferencing system in the industry.

Lifesize Icon Series – Simple Video Conferencing from Zycko

Multiparty Video Conferencing

Video applications are accessed via Lifesize UVC Platform, either as virtualised machine software or hardware. Multiparty video conferencing is enabled through a few straightforward options. The easy-to-use video conferencing system allows IT teams to provide multiparty video conferencing support whilst effortlessly providing the capabilities to turn on streaming and recording, manage the network, and securely traverse NAT/firewalls as needed. Furthermore, the simplicity of the Lifesize Icon Series means that as new features become available, a simple call to the IT support is required to enable these.

The Lifesize Icon 600 highlights a number of helpful in-built features including:

  • Video calls scheduler – calendar integration
  • Reminders for important video conferences
  • Easily find & participate in multiparty video conference calls
  • Business contact search facility with favourites
  • Record and stream capabilities
  • The Smart Video experience delivers frustration-free video conferencing

Affordable Video Conferencing

Equipped with the latest technology and features, without sacrificing design or quality, the Lifesize Icon Series offers the most affordable video conferencing in the industry. The Smart Video experience was built to adapt to changing business needs, allowing accessory and software upgrades at any time, offering investment protection for your growing business. For more details on the Lifesize Icon Series, the most easy-to-use and affordable video conferencing system in the industry, speak to our product team today.

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