Modern DDoS Attack
The size and complexity of DDoS attacks are increasing, but visibility is decreasing, making them more harmful and disruptive than ever! As a result businesses need to approach DDoS mitigation as an evolving and ever-present, 24/7 threat, rather than an occasional risk. With the increase in size and complexity of DDoS attacks seen in recent months, businesses that don’t fully consider the risks are exposed to attacks that they cannot quickly detect or mitigate against.

What are the risks of a DDoS Attack to businesses?

Businesses of all sizes and type are at risk from a DDoS attack. It's not simply a case of crashing a website, the purpose of DDoS is more commonly to deny a business from having any form of Internet connectivity, in or out!.

The key concerns that businesses have as a result of an attack are:

  • Operational costs
  • Direct/immediate revenue loss
  • Long term customer loss
  • Damage to reputation
  • Employee turnover

What can you do to make sure your customers are protected?

Zycko and Arbor are offering your customers a FREE DDoS Mitigation Assessment. This valuable sales tool has helped over 100 of businesses to review their DDoS Mitigation Strategy and has generated many opportunities for partners to deliver a comprehensive DDoS Solution to those customers

What is the DDoS Mitigation Assessment?

This assessment is a hosted self-assessment application that enables individuals and businesses to quickly evaluate their core capabilities on DDoS Mitigation. Registration is simple and secure, and within a few minutes it will outline your customers strengths, weaknesses and gaps in this area.

Once your customer completes an assessment your nominated individuals will get an Executive Report that you can use to follow-up with your customer and identify areas where you can work with them to improve their online security.

Your Zycko account manager and Arbor team can assist you in building the solution that addresses your customers needs, both technically and commercially.

Get your own FREE MyAssessment toolRegister here for more details .


Arbor Protects Against DDoS Attacks

Get your own FREE
DDoS mitigation tool

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Arbor Protects Against DDoS Attacks

Complete your own
FREE  DDoS mitigation
assessment with Zycko

An Arbor specialist will contact you
to discuss the assessments


Arbor Protects Against DDoS Attacks


Why Arbor?


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vendor portfolio.

Zycko & Arbor Networks

Zycko Partners

If you would like to promote the Arbor DDoS mitigation tool to your customers and drive leads to your business for Arbor DDoS Network Solutions, you can have a personalised link with leads coming direct to your nominated contacts.

When your customer completes an assessment you will get a copy of the results that you can use (with Zycko's support) to drive a sales opportunitiy for Arbor solutions.


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